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Люблю одинаково нежжно Sailor Moon и Silent Hill, и совсем даже за их слияние:

silent hill - 2???

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 00:13
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Товарищ К. Ганс некогда подтвердил, что мы -таки дождёмся второй экранизации...нюню...полгода прошло, а Германа новостей всё нет. Доколе?
Интересно вышло бы, если бы режиссёр вписал в новую серию не вошедшее (по временным и бюджетным соображениям) в часть первую, например:

There is only one scene that didn't made it in the movie: a church scene with Christabella. As for the lying figure scene attacking Anna, it is more complicated. The Lying figure was supposed to be injured and it was trying to slither on the road and go hide in the sewers. This scene was filmed but the crew had only 60 shooting days to do it. So the producers wanted to save money and told Roberto Campanella (the monster supervisor) to stay home. So the crew tried to make the lying figure scene without him but the result was way too bad. Gans and the producers had a fight about making this scene but due to budget limits, the scene didn't made it.
Gans had also a different idea about the end (where Alessa appears and slices the cult members). When Christabella stabs Rose, a black smoke comes from the woman and 6 pyramid heads appear, each one holding a different weapon. The 6 PH will then cut, dice, slice the cult members to create a Dante's inferno hommage. Again due to budget and time, Gans had only one day and half to film this scene. Many wanted this scene but the people from the insurance asked something that could be done in one day and half.
After watching Silent Hill, Gans regrets that he didn't create fear effects. He didn,t want things like "door closing with high sounds". He wanted a fantasy movie more than horror. His goal was not to take the audience for idiots. The idea that Silent Hill is more of a literary horror pushed him to ignore the usual ideas of slashers and high tension.

Although he tried to create a scary movie where it is more of disturbance than of jump scares just for the audience, he feels bad about the fact that many didn't find silent Hill scary. He doesn't want to consider an audience better than another. Although he likes to hear that Silent hill is nowhere near a slasher.

One of his goals for Silent Hill 2 is to correct mistakes he made with the 1st one which cost him a lot of energy. However, he wonders if he can truly come back for a 2nd movie because of Onimusha. He says that if he doesn't come back, producers agree with him that the 2nd movie should keep the visual aspect of the 1st one. There is no way they are bringing a whole new vision of the town's design. He doesn't want a hollywoodian movie. If he doesn't come back as a director, he strongly suggest an European (and even a French) one. He will however stay close to this movie."


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