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A reference to a very, very long word.
The use of very, very long words.
Someone who uses very, very long words.
A fear of very long words.
Anyone who has a fascination for, or who enjoys using, excessively long words.


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Белозубіе Деффачки! хорєограхвія! панцушоти!

Дабі заценіть лулзовость, надо вчитаться в лирику.
И нет, там таки не про бомбу, а про шахтёров.

Как написал один из комментаторов, "You know the best part of being a coalminer? The dancing girls...".

For the Lyrics Click Here: )

К слову, мне так и не удалось раздобыть мою любимую акапелльную версию...
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And today's Very Useful Phrase is :

Bitch Please

A response used when someone says something stupid or when somebody tries you.
"I want you to eat me out". The guy responds, "Bitch please".

Expresses incredulous disgust, usually in reaction to a statement that is incredible, false, or otherwise outrageous. In some cases, it can also be used to repell a minor annoyance such as a ho, a cracker, or especially a tool that won't step off from all up in your grill.

When used as an adjective, bitch please describes a quality such that one knows the subject is immature, stupid, or takes its outrageousness too seriously, and yet is somehow still viscerally cool. A good example of the feeling one might get from a bitch please situation would be bitch-slapping a motherfucker again and again at a large social gathering, and then finishing the beat-down by fadonking him in front of his grandparents.

Note: because of the origin of bitch please amongst inner-city prostitution rings (pimps in the 70's used to express disbelief and authority towards one with the audacity to try your ass), it always carries a connotation of violence. If you hear bitch please, somebody is going to get owned

He says: "I'll bust yo monkey ass"
You say: "Huh?! Bitch please"

Ho(e) says: "I'm sorry, but I couldn't get no money daddy!"
Pimp slaps her and says: "Bitch please! Now go get me my money!"

"are your titties real?"
"bitch please!"

Person 1:"Give me $25"
Person 2:Bitch please

Bobbi : I can ride camels with two humps.
Shequila : Bitch please, you can't even handle one hump.

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Не, не вулкан.

Произношение числа «три» у племени Ямео (Южная Америка).


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